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25 Years of Grid Computing Celebration at Supercomputing 2023

To mark a quarter of a century since the SC'98 Grid BoF that is widely regarded to have resulted in a major turning point in the development of grid computing, the Open Grid Forum hosted a "25 Years of Grid Computing" celebration at the Beowulf Bash held in conjunction with the Supercomputing '23 conference in Denver on Monday, November 13. Further details are at this link.

OGF is proud to have contributed to the technology and standards underlying grid computing that led to many other developments including much of the technology underlying clouds and led to many other projects that are still contributing to scientific, academic, and business computing at scale. We'll be happy to update anyone who attends on some projects OGF has in progress, including the revitalization of OGF document production based on our GitHub organizational pages, new methods of document authoring that add support for online editing, and liaison relationships with other standards developing organizations that have produced a viable path towards republication and reuse of OGF standards for wider reach and longer lifetime. Ideas for formation of new working groups as per the long-standing guidelines in GFD.3 and GFD.152 and for their operation using these new tools are also being accepted and welcomed. Please contact us if needed for further details.

Below are some photos of the event.